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Fiber Laser Low-Profile Positioning Table Installation: A Step-By-Step Guide

Blackwell Engineering Low-Profile Positioning Table

This video describes how to install our Low-Profile Positioning Table on your fiber laser.


1. Clear your laser baseplate of all fasteners and fixtures.

2. Position the Low-Profile Positioning Table (LPPT) on the baseplate.

3. Focus your laser to the surface of the LPPT.

4. Project a 9mm circle onto the LPPT using the contour frame feature.

5. Center the crosshair marked dowel hole in the 9mm circle.

6. Expose the mounting holes in the base by adjusting the LPPT top plate.

7. Locate the nearest mounting holes in your laser base and align the LPPT.

8. Install two low-profile mounting screws in the exposed holes.

9. (Optional) Expose additional mounting holes by moving the top plate and install screws.


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