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BT30 Retention Knob Torque Adapter

BT30 Retention Knob Torque Adapter

BT30 Retention Knob Torque Adapter.


There is a lot of debate around the torque value for retention knobs.  I run 15 ft-lbs on my BT30 holders and have had no issues.  Some manufacturers recommend up to 35 ft-lbs.  For this reason, I'll let you choose what torque value you'd like ot have engraved on your torque adapter at no additional cost.


Made from 1/4" thick AR500 steel.

3/8" Drive.


When installed 90 degrees to the torque wrench, no adjustment to the torque setting is required.  If the adapter is installed in a way that lengthens or shortens the effective length of the torque wrench, you must calculate a corrected torque setting.  The torque adapter length is 1 inch from the center of the square drive to the center of the knob.  


Here's a link to a website with instructions on how to calculate a corrected torque setting for your wrench:  Link


*May require a 3/8 drive extension for torque wrenches with heads larger than 1.375" diameter.

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